Friday, July 5, 2013

Cause Celeb (I Stole That)

I usually skip the blather, on-line or in print, of the stultifying details of the inconsequential matters of the lives of the celebrities we create. It was one instance of the garbage that gets tossed at us from all sides that was the catalyst for this blog. But as we all know there are good people out there, even among the mainstream spotlight.

Cheers to the folks at USA Weekend - or shall I say cheers to those involved - for spotlighting some of the people we see on screen who are doing even greater things off-camera.

Think you guys could devote a little more space to them?

*** Chris O'Donnell, featured in last week's issue, is helping feed America's less fortunate children. Check out and share his video What If Your Child Was The One? and one meal will be donated to Feeding America.